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Kord 12.7

Kord on 6T7 tripod mount - front-left view

Other Pictures:
Kord on 6T7 tripod mount - right view

Kord itself - without the mount

The "Kord" is the newest development in the heavy MG class. It is developed and manufactured at Kovrov Mechanikal Plant (ZID - V.A.Degtyarev plant JSC), Russia.
The "Kord" will replace the now-in-service NSV-12.7 and NSVT "Utes" MGs. The main reasons for this replacement are 1) need for more accurate heavy MG and 2) the fact that "Utes" MGs are manufactured in Ukraine and the supply of both new MGs and spare parts are limited since the desintegration of USSR.

The "Kord" is belt-fed, air-cooled, gas-operated full-auto only machine gun. It uses different from the NSV locking principle - barrel locking is achieved via breechblock device. Belt (same as in NSV) could be feed from both left and right sides. Barrel is quich changeable, and is built under the proprietary ZIDs technology that ensures axially symmetrical heating of the barrel during the fire and thus retaining good accuracy during sustained fire for longer amount of time (and ammo). This technology (probably) borrowed from GSh-23 aircraft guns, which also manufactured at ZID. According to some sources, accuracy of the Kord is some 1.5-2 times better, than NSV "Utes". "Kord" also equipped with muzzle brake/flash hider.
Standart sights are ajustable open sights, but mounts for scopes or night sights are standart. "Kord" has the same mounting acessories as NSV, and, thus, may be installed on every mount, designed for NSV "Utes". Tank version of the "Kord" also available, with electrically powered trigger and charging mechanisms.
According to available sources, the "Kord" is oficially adopted by Russian army and already supplied in some quantities in infantry version. The first known vehicle that mounts "Kord" is newest Russian MBT T-90s. The "Kord" is installed in remote controlled mount on the top of the tank turret and used as AA gun.
Interesting fact: in one of the TV reports (march 2001) from ZID plant "Kord" was shown firing from light bipod. It is obviously the result of experience gained in latest Chechen wars: the heavy MG crew could maneuver more quickly with such mount, for the cost of decreased effective range of fire.


12,7x109 mm

25.5 kg MG itself, 41.5 kg on 6T7 tripod mount with 50 rds belt

Magazine Capacity:
50 rounds

Feed system:

Rate of fire:
650-750 rounds/min

Muzzle Velocity:
820-860 m/s


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