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Kalashnikov RPK-74

RPK-74 with 45 rounds magazine

Other Pictures:
RPK-74 - main parts

RPK-74N with night sight (IR)

The RPK-74 had been developed along with the AK-74 assault rifle as a sqad level light support weapon for the new, small-caliber ammunition, 5.45x39mm. The RPK-74 had been adopted by Soviet Army in late 1970s and is till in use with Russian army, being issued usually one item per infantry squad (10 men).

The RPK-74 internally is almost the same Ak-74 rifle - select-fire, gas operated, rotating bolt locked firearm with heaviuer and longer, non-removable barrel, bipod, and redesigned buttstock. RPK-74 can be fed from 45 rounds box magazines or standart AK-74 30 rounds box magazines. 75 rounds drums, similar in design to those of RPK, were also developed, but are very rare and almost impossible to find across the troops, while being very sought after, especially in Chechnya.

Versions of the RPK-74 with side-mount for IR (night vision) scopes are called RPK-74N. Earlier RPK-74 were manufactured with wooden handguards and fixed buttstocks. Most modern RPK-74s are manufactured with polymer handguards and side-folding polymer buttstocks.

Rolex Day-Date Replica


5.45x39 mm

5 kg on bipod

1060 mm

590 mm

Magazine Capacity:
45 rounds Box, 75 rounds Drum

Feed system:
Box or Drum

Rate of fire:
600 RPM


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