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APS 95

APS 95

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The APS 95 assault rifle was developed in mid-1990s by Croatian company RH-Alan to replace aging M70 assault rifles of Yugoslavian origins then in service with Croatian army . Rifle was adopted in 1995 and was aquired by Croatian army in some numbers, but due to financial limitations the rearming was not complete. APS 95 is still in service, and it seen some action during 1995 Yugoslavia - Croatia conflict.

APS 95 is a licensed copy of the Israeli Galil assault rifle (some sources said that it is a copy of the South African Vektor R-4 rifle, but it is, basically, the same Galil). APS 95 differs from Galil mostly in external appearance, having installed a 1.5X optical scope, which also serves as a carrying handle. Handguards and pistol grip also were redesigned.

APS 95 is a gas operated, long piston stroke, rotating bolt locked selective fire weapon. Gas system featured a gas cut-off, which is activated to fire rifle grenades. Fire-selector / safety is of Galil type, metallic buttstock is folding to the right side of the gun. 1.5X fixed scope featured ring and dot aiming reticle and allows for effective shooting up to 400 meters distance. Backup iron sights also provided as a standard.

Automatic Rifle

Gas operated, rotating bolt

5.56x45 mm NATO

(Unloaded) 3.8 kg

(stock open / closed) 980 / 730 mm

450 mm

Magazine Capacity:
35 rounds

Rate of fire:
650 RPM


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