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Calico M-900

Calico M-900 carbine version with stock extended

Other Pictures:
Calico M-900 Basic version

Calico M-900 Para-Millitary version

Calico M-900 carbine version (fitted with a 100 rounds magazine)

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This is basically the same weapon as the Calico submachine gun, differing principally in having a longer barrel. This lenght of barrel in a 9mm weapon is unusual and should result in reasonable accuracy to upwards of 200 meters, though the bullet is not really designed for that sort of range. This rifle variant fires only in the single-shot mode and uses a Roller-locked delayed blowback system similar to that of the German G3 rifle.

Automatic Rifle

Roller-locked delayed blowback system

9 x 19 mm

1,68 kg

(stock open / closed) 884 / 724 mm

406 mm (16 in)

6 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
50 or 100 rounds

Feed system:
Helical 50 or 100 rounds magasine

In Production:

Effective range:
200 meters


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