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The MP5K Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) was designed as a compact weapon for vehicle or aircraft crewmen. Whether supplementing the sidearm or replacing it, the MP5K-PDW provides an unmatched degree of personal firepower in a package small and light enough to be worn at all times, even while operating complex equipment.
Immediately after its introduction as a personal defense weapon for aircraft pilots and crewmen, the MP5K-PDW found favor with a variety of support personnel who require a simple, highly effective weapon that can be carried at all times, leaving the hands free to perform daily tasks.

The size and weight of the MP5K-PDW, as well as its tactical flexibility, makes this weapon the ideal choice where a rifle or full-sized submachine gun is unmanageable and a handgun is a poor compromise.

Personal protection and VIP security details will find that the MP5K-PDW can be easily concealed under a coat, in an attache case, in a soft carry bag, or in vehicle; yet will provide immediate pinpoint bullet placement or controllable massed firepower (900 RPM).

Using HK`s nylon carrying rig, the MP5K-PDW can be carried comfortably underneath either arm. Loaded spare magazines can be carried under the opposite arm. Simply thrusting the weapon away from the body automatically extends and locks the stock in place for immediate use. A convenient quick release allows the weapon to be rapidly removed or reattached to the carrying rig.

Mounting a laser aimer on the MP5K-PDW assures a high degree of first round hit probability and reduces the chance of firing errant rounds in the close proximity associated with protective details and many other security applications.

The MP5K-PDW is an ideal replacement for full-size long guns when concealment is paramount. Sized to fit underneath a car seat or in a large glove compartment, the MP5K-PDW can provide a patrol car unit with accurate firepower to ranges exceeding 150 meters. Special operations and SWAT personnel using full-sized submachine guns for CQB will find the smaller, lighter MP5K-PDW to be accurate and controllable in burst fire.

The MP5K-PDW consists of a specially configured MP5K submachine gun (Navy Model) with a threaded barrel for the attachment of a highly effective flash and sound suppressor. This critical feature provides the user with the option to fire the weapon in the sound suppressed mode and avoid detection.

The MP5K-PDW is fitted with a robust folding stock that folds to the right side of the weapon. The design of the stock ensures that it stays locked in either the folded or extended position. A quick tug on the folded stock and the firer is instantly ready to engage any target with accurate, aimed fire at ranges out to 200 meters. The folding stock can be replaced in seconds with a buttcap for situations where a buttstock is not needed. The folding stock can be used on all MP5K variants without modification.

For low light use, a self-luminous tritium front sight is a standard feature. Optional rear tritium sights are also available. The standard MP5K open notch rear sight drum can be replaced in seconds by a diopter (peep) sight for precision, long range engagements. All types of optional sighting and aiming devices can be mounted on the MP5K-PDW using HK`s claw lock scope mounts.

Operating and firing controls on the MP5K-PDW are ambidextrous. The standard "Navy" trigger group provides safe, semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes of fire. Optional 2-round or 3-round burst modes are also available.

The three-lug barrel allows the attachment of a flash hider, blank firing device or grenade launcher. The MP5K-PDW can be conveniently carried by right- or left-handed individuals using a variety of specially designed carrying slings, shoulder and thigh holsters.

The MP5K-PDW fires from a closed-bolt position using HK`s unique roller-locked bolt system. Its light weight, low recoil and vertical foregrip makes the MP5K-PDW the perfect choice for all operators, regardless of size. Ammunition for the MP5K-PDW is compatible with the 9mm weapons found in many law enforcement, special operations and military organizations today. The MPSK-PDW will feed and fire all available types of 9xl9mm Parabellum/Luger ammunition.

A high degree of interchangeability of parts and accessories with other models of the MP5 reduces the logistics burden and increases the operational flexibility of the MP5K-PDW. This feature, together with its closed-bolt operation, positive safety/selector switch, and roller-locked bolt, make the MP5K-PDW the safest, most effective weapon of its type available.

Submachine Gun

HECKLER & KOCH GmbH P.O. Box 1329 D-78722 Oberndorf, Germany

Recoil operated, delayed roller-locked bolt system

9x19mm (9mm Parabellum)

2.79 kg (6.14 pounds)

(stock closed/open): 368mm (14.50 inches) / 603mm (23.75 inches)

6 Groove right hand twist, 1 turn in 15 inches

Magazine Capacity:
15 or 30 round

Rotary aperature rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation; Hooded post front sight


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