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PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bizon

(FILM) PP-19 Bizon (.Rm)


This interesting submachine gun had been developed in Izhevsk at the famous IZHMASH state arms factory during the early 1990s, and first appeared on public circa 1993. Obviously influenced by the somewhat unsuccessful Calico submachine guns, Bizon (Bison) SMG combined high capacity "helical" magazine with more conventional appearance and layout. Bizon heavily based on AKS-74 assault rifle, and actually built on shortened AKS-74 receivers, with AKS-74 pistol grip, trigger unit and folding butt. Latter models introduced somewhat improved shape of pistol grip, with better ergonomics. Large capacity magazine is located under the barrel, and serves as a forearm, resulting in comfortable hold and trim profile. This firearm said to be comfortable to carry and fire, and provides a lot of firepower. Also, thanks to its closed bolt fire mode, combined with hammer fire control module, provides accurate semiautomatic fire. Controls are similar to those on all Kalashnikov assault rifles, thus being familiar for all Russian troops. Initially produced for 9x18 mm Makarov ammunition (in both standard and Modified and hotter forms), Bizon latter appeared chambered for 9x19mm and 7.62x25mm ammo. Latter version appeared in two flavors - with cylindrical magazine holding 45 rounds, or with curved box magazine, holding 35 rounds (apparently, old magazines from PPSh-41 and PPS-43 are used). Bizon submachine guns are in limited use with Russian security and law enforcement forces.

As said above, Bizon submachine guns are built on shortened AKS-74 receivers, made from stamped steel. It featured a simple blowback action, hammer fired from closed bolt. Feed is from "helical" magazines, made mostly of plastic and mounted under the barrel. Design of those cylindrically shaped magazines is loosely based on American Calico designs. Bizon is capable of semi-automatic and full automatic fire, with typical AK-type safety - selector lever at the right side of the receiver. Sturdy skeletonized buttstock is made from stamped steel and folds to the left side when not needed. Sights are similar to ones found on AKS-74U, with hooded front post and flip-up rear.

Submachine Gun

IZHMASH OJSC, 3 Derjabin St., 426006 Izhevsk, Russia

Gas operated, rotating bolt, helical feed

9 x 18 mm PM and PMM, 7,62 x 25 mm Tokarev, 9 x 19 mm Parabellum

(Unloaded) 2.1 kg (4.629 lbs)

(stock closed/open): 425 / 660 mm (16.732 / 25.984 in)

Magazine Capacity:
64 rounds ( 9 mm), 45 rounds (7.62mm)

Rate of fire:
600 Rpm

Effective range:
100 - 200 m (109.3 - 218.7), depending on ammunition used


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