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Steyr AUG HBar

Steyr AUG HBar

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The Steyr AUG-HBAR (also known as the AUG-HBAR) is a heavy-barrel version of the standard Steyr AUG assault rifle. The objective with the AUG-LMG is to supply the fireteam with a portable automatic weapon in the support role, utilizing many components of the existing assault rifle brand.

This AUG-LMG system fires from an open bolt and a bipod can be fitted just under the muzzle. It also retains the futuristic styling of the base AUG model (detailed elsewhere on this site), though the design itself originated some three decades ago.

Like the Steyr AUG, the AUG-LMG has an identifiable telescopic sight built right into the carry handle and is of 1.5x zoom power. A special compensator has been developed specifically to reduce the recoil of the weapon system, being it that this system is required to fulfill the light machine gun role of a mobile fire team - similar to the American use of the FN Minimi.

Light machine gun

STEYR MANNLICHER GmbH & Co KG, Ramingtal 46, 4442 Kleinraming, Austria, Tel: +43(0)7252896-0, Fax: +43(0)725278621, E-Mail office(at)

5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington)

4,9 Kg

900 mm

621 mm

Magazine Capacity:
30 or 42 Rounds

Rate of fire:
680 Rpm

Muzzle Velocity:
945 m/s


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