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Hakim Rifle

Close-up view on receiver area of Hakim rifle, showing cocking serrations and brass deflector on sliding top cover, as well as detachable magazine

Other Pictures:
Hakim rifle, right side

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Hakim rifle was adopted by Egyptian army during early fifties, after initial purchase of some Swedish-made Ljungman AG-42 rifles chambered for 7,92mm Mauser ammunition. Hakim rifle, in fact, was a minor alteration ow the Swedish design, with most visible change being addition of the prominent muzzle brake, necessary because of use of more powerful 7,92mm ammunition (as opposed to original 6,5mm Swedish ammunition, which has relatively smooth recoil). There also were minor changes in external appearance, but basic design remained the same. Production of Hakim rifles continued through 1950s and 1960s on machinery purchased from Sweden, with some 70 thousands rifles being made. Later on, Egyptians developed a scaled-down version of the Hakim rifle, designated Rasheed, and produced it in minor numbers.

Hakim rifle is gas operated, semi-automatic only, magazine fed rifle. It uses direct-impingement gas system developed in Sweden by Erik Eklund, with added manual gas valve that permitted adjustments for various types of ammunition. Locking is achieved by tipping the rear of the bolt down and into the recess in receiver. Cocking of the bolt is provided by sliding top cover which has gripping serrations on either side. To cock the action, one must push the sliding cover all the way forward, then pull it back. Manual safety is located at the rear of receiver, above the stock. Feed is from detachable box magazine that holds 10 rounds, although the rifle is fitted with bolt hold-open device and can be reloaded using stripper clips with magazine in place. Sights are of open type, with range-adjustable u-notch rear and protected front. Hakim rifle can be fitted with carrying sling and a detachable knife-type bayonet.

semi-automatic Rifle

Gas operated, tilting bolt

7,92x57 mm

4,4 kg (9,7 lbs)

1216 mm (47,9")

638 mm (25,1")

Magazine Capacity:
10 Rounds

Feed system:
Box Magazine


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