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VSK-94 Sniper Carbine

The VSK-94 silenced sniper rifle was developed by the KBP (Instrument Design Bureau), most famous for its high-performance GSh-series aircraft cannons, as well as for antitank missile systems and other such "instruments". VSK-94 is actually an attempt to create a less expensive rival to the special purpose VSS "Vintorez" 9mm silenced sniper rifle. VSK-94 is a conversion of the 9A-91 9mm compact assault rifle, being different by having a fixed detachable skeletonized buttstock, a scope mount, and a detachable silencer. The VSK-94 retains the gas operated, rotating bolt action and the receiver of the 9A-91, and also retains its possibility to fire in full auto.

The VSK-94 features a stamped steel receiver, a detachable skeleton polymer butt and polymer forearm. Telescope sights (standard is the 4X fixed) are mounting using the standard equipment rail on the left side of the receiver. VSK-94 also retains flip-up open sights from 9A-91. Charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier and folds up when not in use. Threaded barrel is usually fitted with long silencer. Feeding is from 20-round plastic magazines. VSK-94 could fire all 9x39 ammunition, including SP-5 ball, and SP-6 and PAB-9 AP ammo.

VSK-94 is in use with various law enforcement organizations in Russia.

Note: Russian langue

Semi automatic sniper Carbine

Tula Arms Factory

gas operated, rotating bolt semi automatic

9x39mm SP-5, SP-6 and PAB-9 subsonic

2.8 kg less magazine and scope

933 mm


Magazine Capacity:
20 Rounds

Feed system:
detachable box magazine

Rate of fire:
700-900 Rpm, 30-90 rounds/min (practical)

Effective range:
400m (maximum effective)


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