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QCW05 / Type 05

QCW05 (type 05)

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The QCW05 (Type 05) is the 5.8mm silenced submachine gun developed by Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation based at Chongqing. In October 2001, Jianshe Group beat other competitors in the bid for the PLA’s new-generation silenced submachine gun order. During the 2005 International Police Equipment Expo held in Beijing, Jianshe Group revealed for the first time two silenced submachine gun designs: the 5.8mm QCW05 for PLA uses, and the 9mm JS submachine gun for police forces and export market. The QCW05 is intended to replace the Type 79 and Type 85 silenced submachine guns currently in service with the PLA special operations forces (SOF). The weapon entered PLA service in 2005 under the designation Type 05.

Externally resembling the QBZ95 (Type 95) assault rifle’s bullpup design, the QCW05 is a blowback operated weapon that fires from open bolt in either automatic or semiautomatic modes. The weapon uses a grip safety at the upper rear of the pistol grip, which must be actuated by the operator's hand as a natural consequence of holding the weapon in a firing position. It uses a traditional thumb fire mode selector, which allows either single shot (position “1”) or fully automatic (position “2”), in addition to a safe position (position “0”). The charging handle is located at the top of the receiver, inside the carrying handle.

The submachine gun is 500mm in length and weights 2.2kg. The standard QCW05 has a cylindrically-shaped metallic screw-on suppressor attached on its barrel. The submachine gun fires the DCV05 5.8 X 21mm subsonic cartridge, which has a reduced muzzle velocity of only 150m/s. This would reduce the effective range to around 50m, which is regarded still acceptable for a suppressed weapon. The version without the suppressor is known as QCQ05, which can fire both the DCV05 subsonic cartridge or the standard DAP92 5.8 X 21mm pistol cartridge.

The submachine gun is fed from a curved, detachable four-row box magazines that hold 50 rounds of 5.8mm ammunition. There are two flip up rear peep sights with the one for the DAP92 set for 150 metres, the other at 100m for the DCV05 round. Optical or night vision sights can be fitted on the rail at the top of the carrying handle.

Silenced / submachine gun

Jianshe Industries Group


DAP92 5.8 X 21mm; DCV05 5.8 X 21mm

2.2 Kg (4.8 Lbs)

500 mm (19.6 in) (without suppressor)

250 mm (9.8 in)

Magazine Capacity:
50 Round

Feed system:
four-row box magazine

Effective range:
50 Meters (54.6 yd) (with suppressor)

Muzzle Velocity:
150 m/s (492.1 fps) (DCV05), 321 m/s (1 053 fps) (DAP92)


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