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JS 9mm

JS 9mm, Shown here with telescopic sight instead of the usual "Iron-sight" aparatus

Along with the military version QCW05 (Type 05) silenced submachine gun, Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation also developed a 9mm version known as JS submachine gun for police use and export commercial sales. The weapon uses commonly available 9mm pistol cartridge and is fed from a two-row, 30-round box magazine which is said to be fully compatible with the German HK MP5 submachine gun.

Like the QCW05, the JS submachine gun is made in bullpup configuration and uses a blowback operation. It is slightly shorter than the QCW05. The weapon’s safety/fire mode switch is located on the right side above the pistol grip and has three positions: safe mode (position “0”), single shot (position “1”), and fully automatic (position “2”). The grip safety at the upper rear of the pistol grip provides additional safety measure. The submachine gun uses a pistol grip assembly similar to that of the QBZ97 assault rifle, and has no integral carrying handle above the action like the QCW05. A standard Picatinny rail is fitted at the top of the receiver which can accept various types of fighting equipment.

The JS submachine gun is fitted with a screw-on suppressor and fires the standard DAP92-9 9mm pistol cartridge. At 50m distance it can penetrate a steel helmet or 50mm of wood. As the DAP92-9 has a higher muzzle velocity (390m/s) compared to the DCV05 subsonic cartridge (150m/s), the JS submachine gun has a higher level of firing noise than the QCW05.

Silenced / submachine gun

Jianshe Industries Group

Blowback, Open bolt

9x19mm DAP92-9 (9mm Luger/Para)

2kg (without suppressor), 2.4 kg (with suppressor)

450 mm

Magazine Capacity:
20 or 30 Rounds

Feed system:

In Production:

Open sight block, fixed front peep sight, flip up back sights

Muzzle Velocity:


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