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IWI Galil MAR (Micro)


The Israeli Military Industries (IMI: Now IWI) Galil Micro Assault rifle (MAR) is the youngest and smallest member of the Galil Assault Rifle (AR) Family.
The Galil MAR was introduced in the early 1990`s with two roles in mind: As a more potent 5.56 mm substitute to 9 mm Sub Machine Guns (SMG).
While SMG are ideal for civilian short range usage and Close Quarters Combat (CQB) scenarios, replica watches
in military applications their inherently short range and low body armor penetration are major disadvantages.
As a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) for air and armored crews, allowing to stripe the Galil MAR on the leg comfortably while moving in the tight spaces of the vehicle (same as the HK MP5 PDW).
In this role again the Galil MAR is providing the soldier with a strong 5.56 mm fire power yet maintaining a compact SMG size frame.
The Micro Galil was supposed to have a bright future - it was due to enter the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) at mass numbers, replacing the Galil Short Assault Rifle (SAR) as the IDF Armored and Artillery Corps new PDW.
However, due to a serious flaw in the Galil MAR handguards design the handguards rapidly became hot during firing, to the point that it was impossible to hold the weapon.

The overheating problem priamarily occurred during auto firing mode and in rapid semi auto firing.
The IDF was also on a tight budget not allowing it to procure Israeli made firearms, especially with large quantities of Galil SAR still available, and since the U.S. Foreign Military Support (FMS) money to Israel has to be spent back in the U.S. using American dollars.
So the Galil was never officially adopted by the IDF, part from a few samples that entered the IDF as a status symbol for high-ranking officers.
Also, as often the case with Israeli made warfare products, without the "approval" and field experience of the IDF, the Galil MAR didn`t sell very well off-shores either.
However, a 0.30 modified version of the Galil MAR - the Magal - was bought by the Israeli Police as an urban area assault rifle, replacing in that role the old M1 carbine, in few police units.
Several Israeli Special Forces (SF) units also field tested the Galil MAR for SF applications, but again its handguards overheating problem prevented it from being adopted.
Also, the standard issue weapon of the Israeli SF - the CAR15 and the M4 - were more accurate, lighter and can mount more accessories then the Galil MAR.
The Galil MAR can also be fitted with a tactical forearm grip containing a flashlight, very similar to the one offered by the Surefire company to the HK MP5 series of SMG.
Part from the usual Galil AR family 35 rounds magazine, the Galil MAR can also take a C-MAG 100 rounds magazine, same as the one made for the M16 and for the HK G36 families.
In 2001 IMI introduced an improved version of the Galil MAR.
The major changes are improved heat absorbing handguards and new light weight fiber stock.
Optional additional is a M1913 rails on the recover.
The new version of the MAR is currently in limited active duty with the IDF Naval Commando unit - Shayetet 13 - for maritime CT operations.

Micro Assult Rifle

Former IMI, Now IWI: Israel Weapon Industries, P.O Box 63 Ramat Hashron 47100 Israel, Phone: 972-3-7606000 Fax: 972-3-7606001 E-mail:

Gas-operated, rotating bolt

5.56x45mm NATO,

2.98 Kg (6.56 Lbs)

(stock closed/open): 460/710 mm (18.11/27.95 in)

190 mm (7.48 in)

6 R.H. grooves, 1:7” twist

Magazine Capacity:
35, 50 Rounds

Feed system:
detachable box magazines

Flip-up rear aperture, hooded foresight

Rate of fire:
630-750 rds/min

Muzzle Velocity:
710 m/s


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