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Micro Uzi, With shoulderstock Folded

Other Pictures:
Micro Uzi, With shoulderstock Open

Micro Uzi, With Suppressor

The smaller member in the Uzi family, the Micro Uzi, was introduced in the early 1990`s. It was intended mainly for security in handgun frame weapon yet with a more potent fire power. Another role intended for the Micro Uzi was as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) for airborne and armored crews personnel in IDF.

Micro Uzi is most compact and concealable package possible. Add legendary Uzi reliability and you have the most effective close protection system ever made.

Telescopic Reflex Suppressors are developed for military use. All-steel construction will ensure long active life and durability. Due to telescopic mounting partially on the barrel, these suppressors extend the length of the submachine gun considerably less than conventional muzzle-affixed silencers or sound suppressors. Standard model R12U extends, for instance, just 128 mm forward from the muzzle of the Uzi, and mounts also Mini Uzi without modifications. The corresponding model R12MU for Micro Uzi and UZI Pistol differs from R12U by having a different mounting thread. Both models are mounted in seconds by replacing the barrel retaining nut to the suppressors.

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Submachine Gun / PDW

Former IMI, Now IWI: Israel Weapon Industries, P.O Box 63 Ramat Hashron 47100 Israel, Phone: 972-3-7606000 Fax: 972-3-7606001 E-mail:

Blowback, firing from Closed Bolt Position (CBP)

9mm Parabellum

2.05 Kg (4.51 Lbs)

(stock closed/open): 282/486 mm (11.10/19.13 in)

134 mm (5.24 in)

4 grooves, 1 turn in 254 mm (10 in)

Magazine Capacity:
20, 25 or 30 Rounds

Feed system:

Rear aperture, Post foresight

Rate of fire:
1250 Rpm

Effective range:
30 Meter (32 yd)

Muzzle Velocity:
350 m/s (1148 fps)

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