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STEN Mk. IV (A - Experimental)

STEN Mk.IV A (STEN Mark 4a)

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The STEN name came out of names of the designers (R. V. Shepard and H. J. Turpin) and from the factory where they worked (Enfield arsenal). It was one of the most crude and ugly and simply, but effective submachine guns of the WW2. Almost 4 millions of STEN guns of different versions were made between 1941 and 1945. STEN guns were made not only in Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield; other makers included famous British gunmaking company of the time BSA Ltd, as well as Royal Ordnance Arsenal in Fazakerly, England, and Long Branch Arsenal in Canada.

The STEN Mk.IV (A) was made in experimental form only, and did not entered the production. It was originally intended for airborne troops.

Submachine Gun (experimental)


9x19mm Luger/Para

3.4 Kg (7.5 Lbs)

698.5 mm (27.5 in)

98 mm (3.85 in)

6 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
32 Rounds

Feed system:

Fixed Iron sight

Rate of fire:
575 Rpm

Muzzle Velocity:
365 m/s (1200 fps)


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