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QBB-95 LSW (Light Support Weapon)

Other Pictures:
QBB-95 LSW, Drum Magazine

The QBB95 squad automatic weapon is generally similar to the QBZ95 in design but uses a heavier and longer barrel to produce higher volumes of fire. It fires the DBP87 5.8X42mm ‘heavy rounds’ cartridge specially designed for uses by machineguns and sniper rifles, but can also fire the standard DBP87 5.8X42mm rifle cartridge.. The weapon is intended to serve as a squad automatic weapon (known as "squad machine gun’ in the terminologies of the PLA), providing effective automatic fire at ranges up to 600 meters.

The QBB95 is fitted with a foldable bipod for accurate shooting. Like the QBZ95, it can also be fitted with a variety of optical or night vision sights on top of its carrying handle for all-weather, day/night operations. The weapon is fed from a 75-round drum, but can also accept the 30-round box magazine used by the QBZ95 assault rifle.

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Light Support Weapon

China North Industries Corp. (Norinco) 12A Guang An Men Nan Jie, Beijing, China. P.O.Box 2932 Beijing. Post Code: 100053, Tel: (8610)63529988 Fax: (8610)63540398 E-mail:

Gas-actuated, Rotating bolt

5.8x42mm DBP87 Heavy

3.95 Kg (8.70 Lbs)

840 mm (33.07 in)

600 mm (23.62 in)

Magazine Capacity:
30 rounds Box or 75 Rounds Drum

Feed system:
Box or Drum

In Production:

hooded post front sight and aperture rear sight

Rate of fire:
650 Rpm

Effective range:
600 Meters (656 yd)

Muzzle Velocity:
970 m/s (3181 ft/s)


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