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Bolt Action Rifles - France

Fusil Gras mle 1874

The Fusil Gras Modèle 1874 M80
was a French service rifle of the 19th century. The Gras used by the French Army was an adaptation to metallic cartridge of the Chassepot breech-loading rifle by Colonel Basile Gras.

This rifle had a caliber of 11 mm and used black pow...


FR F2 is a modernized version of older FR F1 sniper rifle. Main differnces are in chambering (FR F1 was chambered in 7.5mm Lebel) and in the barrel design: FR F2 has thermal shielded barrel (polymer envelope around the most part of the barrel). FR F2 is now in service with Franse military and law...

MAS 36

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French army was among the first to adopt the smokeless rifle ammunition in the form o...

PGM Mini-Hecate .338

The PGM Mini-Hecate rifle is intended for long range anti-personell sniping work, and fills the gap between the 7.62mm (.308) sniper rifles and heavy and large .50 BMG rifles. This rifle was designed by the Chris Movigliatti of the ASMP company (Swiss) and is made by the PGM Precision of France. ...

PGM Ultima Ratio `Hecate II`

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Ultima Ratio rifles are made by PGM Precision company in France. Hecate II is the largest of the whole UR family rifles....

PGM Ultima Ratio `Intervention`

Ultima Ratio rifles are made by PGM Precision company in France. Some UR 'Intervention' and 'Commando' (shortened variants) of these rifles are known to be adopted by French Military as a replacement for FR F1 and FR F2.

UR rifles utilise `Skeleton frame` design with solid machined receiver a...


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