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Bolt Action Rifles - Austria

Steyr Scout / Tactical / Elite

The Scout Rifle concept is a brainchild of the famous US shooter and firearms guru Jeff Cooper, who wanted versatile, all around rifle with light weight, suitable for effective engagement of the targets on medium distances (up to 300-400 meters). Steyr finally developed such rifle, based on their...

Steyr-Manlicher SSG-P1 (P-69)

Steyr SSG (ScharfShutzenGewehr 69) was developed and is being built by Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. SSG 69 was adopted by Austrian Army in 1969, thus gaining its name.
Technically, SSG 69 is a bolt action, rotating bolt, magazine fed rifle. Bolt locking is achieved via 6 lugs. Barrel is ...


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