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Union Automatic Revolver

Union Automatic Revolver

The Union automatic revolver
(also known as the Lefever revolver) was a .32 calibre revolver. It was designed by Charles F. Lefever (U.S. Patent 944,448, 1909) and manufactured by the Union Firearms Company of Toledo, Ohio.

It was produced in limited numbers until 1912 when production ceased, marking the exit of Union Firearms Company from the handgun business.

It was similar in action to the Webley Fosbery automatic revolver, but had a shroud that protected the recoiling upper half from contact with the firer`s hand.

Before its demise, Union Firearms also manufactured the Riefgraber automatic pistol, patented by J.J. Riefgraber, on which Lefever also had "done some work". Charles F. Lefever later worked for the Daisy company in Plymouth, Michigan, for which he designed the Daisy Model 25, which sold over 15 million pieces by 1957.

The revolver was designed by Charles F. Lefever and began production in 1909 and ended in 1912, marking Union Firearms Company`s exit from the handgun market. It was marketed around the same time as the Reifgraber pistol. The revolver was considered a commercial failure with only about 300 made due to the cost of production being too high.

Design Details
The Lefever is an automatic revolver similar in design to the Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver with a shrouded hammer.

Union Automatic Revolver

Automatic revolver

Union Firearms Company of Toledo, Ohio.

Recoil operated semi-automatic revolver

.32 S&W

Feed system:
5 round cylinder

In Production:



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