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Revolvers - Japan

Minebea New Nambu M60

The "New Nambu" M60
is a double-action revolver chambered in .38 Special based upon Smith & Wesson-style designs.

It was designed and produced by Shin-Chuō Industries, later merged with Minebea. "New Nambu" was named after Kijirō Nambu, a notable firearm designer and the foun...

Miroku .38 Special Police

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The Miroku .38 Special Police was a Japanese revolver produced from 1967 to 1984 for the Japanese police market, but die to ...

Type 26 revolver

The Type 26 or Model 26
"hammerless" revolver (二十六年式拳銃 Nijuuroku-nen-shiki kenjuu) was the first modern revolver adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army. It was developed at the Koishikawa Arsenal and is named for its year of adoption in the ...


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