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Revolvers - Italy

1873 Buntline Target

1873 Buntline Target is an Italian 6-shot single action revolver chambered for the .357 Magnum or the .45 Colt cartridges, manufactured by A. Uberti, Srl..
The revolver has an 18" barrel with no muzzle brake or ports. It comes with a walnut grip and a dark blue finish.

UK Legal ...

Beretta Laramie

The Beretta Laramie is a single-action revolver produced by Beretta. It is modeled after the Smith & Wesson Model 3.

The Laramie has an automatic safety on the hammer consisting of a sliding bar. After each shot, the bar automatically positions itself between the hammer and the frame, p...

Beretta Stampede

The Beretta Stampede is a single-action revolver manufactured by Beretta that is an exact clone of the Colt Single Action Army "Peacemaker".


Stampede Old West
This is the second Stampede. It has a fixed front sight, wood grip, and holds .45 Long Colt rounds, ...

Mateba Autorevolver

The Mateba Model 6 Unica
(often known simply as the Mateba or the Mateba Autorevolver) is a recoil operated semi-automatic revolver, one of only a few of this type ever produced. It was developed by Mateba, based in Pavia, Italy.

Emilio Ghisoni (d. 2008) is listed as the owner of U.S. ...


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