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Revolvers - German Empire

M1879 Reichsrevolver

The M1879 Reichsrevolver or Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Modell 1879 and 1883 were service revolvers used by the German Army from 1879 to 1908, when it was superseded by the Luger.

The two versions of the revolver differ only in barrel length (The M1883 had a 5-inch barrel). Although the...

Mauser C78

The Mauser C78 zig-zag
was a single-action revolver manufactured by Mauser during the late 19th century. It was chambered in calibers from 6 to 11 mm and is fed from a six-round grooved cylinder, hence the name of the revolver.

The original zig-zag revolver had a solid frame and loadin...


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